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Breaking News: Pfizer Company Accused for Profiteering

There has been a confidential agreement between ministers and the Pfizer manufacturer concerning the Great Britain’s vaccine supply.

This comes as a result after a former US senior health minister accuses the company of making illegal profits in dealings with vaccines in the Covid19 plandemic.

“If you’re just focusing on maximising your profits and you’re a vaccine manufacturer, you are war profiteering.” said the former director of the CDC and Prevention under former U.S President, Barack Obama Tom Frieden.

The research director at Public Citizen, by the name of Zain Rizvi and is also a part of the US consumer advocacy organisation which has been investigating Pfizer’s global vaccine contacts said: “There is a wall of secrecy surrounding these contracts and it’s unacceptable, particularly in a public health crisis.”

The man of God Rev Dr. Chris Oyakhilome who is the president of the LoveWorld Nation, and has been revealing the agenda behind the Covid19 plandemic since the beginning said the vaccine agenda has failed and these are the results.


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