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Users silenced: Twitter bans users who say vaccinated people can spread Covid19

In July of 2021. ex FDA chief warned that they are hidden infections amongst vaccinated people which are causing a wide underestimate of Covid spread.

On Wednesday, Twitter added a policy to ban users that tweet about vaccinated people being able to spread the virus.

The platform’s policy says users with two or three strikes will have their account banned for 12 hours, while those with four strikes will be banned for seven days. Five or more strikes result in a permanent ban.

This is a result of the growing numbers of people around the world who are realising that this is a hoax of a plandemic and are being silenced for raising awareness.

The Centre for Disease 0ontrol (CDC) wrote on their website that vaccinated people can still affected by the virus and they can also spread the virus. That alone is enough proof that the vaccine does not work!


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