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LN24 SA & LoveWorld Sat receives commendation awards at the 2021 LoveWorld Staff Awards

Still Celebrating the received commendations as LN24 SA & LoveWorld Sat at the just concluded LoveWorld Staff Awards with Rev Dr. Chris Oyakhiliome, who is the president of the Loveworld Nation (LWN) Inc.

The awards night was filled with celebration of staff members from the ‘Loveworld Nation’ globally, as the awards segments were led by several highly esteemed ministers from the LWN.

Just to mention a few, the station received awards for: News Presenter of the year 2021, Chronicles of Prophecy winning Current Affairs program of the year 2021, Youth Live as youth show of the year, amongst with several nominations in categories “Presenter of the year” and “sports presenter of the year” and overall winning News Station of the Year 2021.

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