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UNFPA: Unanimously controls world population

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), is one of the three most influential population control groups in the world, standing alongside the Population Council and the International Planned Parenthood Federation.

What makes UNFPA unique is that it has the full authority of the United Nations behind it and enjoys a guaranteed one billion dollars of income annually from the developed nations of the world. Unlike the many other UN agencies, population control is not a side-line or additional task for UNFPA; suppressing the populations of developing nations is its sole purpose.

The UNFPA’s by many experts is considered a different breed of a beast all together- it is unanimously in control of the entire world’s population with its sole mandate being to keep the global population at a certain number.

By design this agency is reported to have unique traits to any other agencies of the UN, traits such as; It answers to no one, and it enjoys moral or ethical code limits to its quest to control global population. The agency is founded on the embedded belief that rising population is a dangerous threat to all humanity and must by any means necessary be dealt with- be kept at minimal if you will.

The agency is then given unlimited resources to carry out its purpose. As a result you never hear of this agency from the media or hear any scandals publicized about it- it works like a shadow and yet the results of its work is too catastrophic not to notice and wonder if there’s some invisible hand at play.

UNFPA helped to design and implement the draconian Chinese population control program, which for more than thirty years has involved forced abortion, sterilization and contraception for half a billion women. It has resulted in the deaths of thousands and the brutal fines and jailing of tens of thousands more who would not comply with the one-child program. Minority ethnic groups have been targeted in particular, and UNFPA actually helps to fund these programs. UNFPA’s first three Executive Directors vocally applauded the agency’s role in China.

UNFPA: Unanimously controls world population

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