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UK’s plans to govern use of digital identities revealed

In the wake of the world’s conversion to the 4th industrial revolution, another tool to facilitate the one government agenda. Under the orders of the UN, countries are trying to roll out this agenda in different ways and forms are they are incentivized when they meet their targets–those who resist are punished.

UK plans to govern use of digital identities revealed- late last year the U.K published its second version of its digital identity trust framework, which it claims to be part of plans to make it faster and easier for people to verify themselves using modern technology through a process as trusted as using drivers licenses or passports- which is nothing but a lie to coarse people into accepting their agenda.

In its website the U.K government then said the framework shows how organizations can be certified to provide secure digital identity services; they will have to go through an assessment process with an independent certification body. It also states how data can be shared between organizations and announces the government will start testing the framework in partnership with service providers.

Applications have opened for organizations interested in taking part in the testing process, which will involve organizations assessing where their service meets the proposed trust framework rules and providing feedback to the government.

This process will prepare organizations for full certification in the future, as well as help the government to refine trust framework rules so they work for both people and organizations. As we said before the Covid agenda is multi layered, with ultimate aim to establish one world order.

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