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S.A’s parliament building on fire: Suspect’s lawyer says accused is a scapegoat

The court has adjourned until the 11th of February, for Mafe’s lawayer-advocate, Dali Mpofu, to consult with his client and for Mafe to go for mental observation.

Mafe was clean-shaven, wearing a smart suit jacket when he appeared in court in Tuesday, which is in contrast to his appearance last week. Senior counsel Dali Mpofu is the former national chairperson of the EFF. Mpofu told the court that Mafe has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. There are still so many questions when it comes to this matter.

Documents, probably important documents, were destroyed in this fire, but artifacts remained intact? Where was Mafe when he was arrested? At the scene of the crime. Why would he have remained at the crime scene?

An alleged mentally unstable person was charged with terrorism. Why would the state find it suitable and fit to charge this man with terrorism?

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