Neutralising: U.N 2030 agenda

There is substantial evidence that suggests the U.N. is no-longer benevolent because it is actively removing access to private websites that share information countering the mainstream media and political narrative, using children as sex slaves in exchange for relief food protecting the Epstein ring, controlling education, pushing the gay agenda, putting up a statue that resembles the beast in revelations as a scepter of peace, spreading disease and lies.

The unelected UN thinks that it can silence free speech. The United Nations recently announced its 2022 members of the U.N. Human Rights Council, prompting questions as to why the global countries should still be members of not just the Human Rights Council, but the United Nations itself.

Two years ago the United Nations hosted a display featuring the Islamic Republic of Iran’s “achievements in the field of human rights.” This is Iran the largest state-sponsor of terrorism in the world, and which is hell-bent on developing a nuclear weapon in order to bomb Israel out of existence. The display prompted a worldwide debate as to how this can be considered for Human rights achievements. Unbelievable; this is the Human Rights Council.

Because it’s a “hypocritical” organization that “makes a mockery of human rights and has taken away those rights against the banner of a virus, it’s time to move out! But hypocrisy isn’t just limited to the Human Rights Council, it’s also emblematic of the United Nations as a whole. 

This suggests that it may be time to withdraw from the U.N, kick the United Nations out of your country, and convert the UN Building into something worthwhile like maybe a shelter for the homeless or education centers.

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