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S.A: Covid19 ‘plandemic’ to be scrapped off to an ‘endemic’

South Africa’s Department of Health to start treating Covid19 like the normal flu. 

South African politician, Alan Winde has emphasized several times on his point to end the “Covid19 disaster” in South Africa.

Winde also stands for completely removing the “one metre” social distancing and has went ahead to call on Nkosazana Zuma, South Africa’s Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs of South Africa to let the policy expire this week.

According to Alan Winde, the fourth wave report and data shows that the country is no longer in need to handle the plandemic as a national state disaster.

“This is clear evidence that Covid-19 has reached an ‘endemic’ stage… ” he continued to say in his statement.

S.A: Covid19 ‘plandemic’ to be scrapped off to an ‘endemic’

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