The Government & the religion of Totalitarianism

Since the birth of totalitarianism in the 20th century much has been written about this form of rule. But what is often overlooked is that totalitarianism is more than just a political system, it is a fanatical religion, and this religion is spreading across the globe with a ferocity not seen since the mid-20th century.

The totalitarian movements that have arisen after the First World War are basically religious movements. Now these religious movements aim- is not only to change political and social institutions, but also to remodel the nature of man and society. Totalitarianism shares many characteristics with organized religions.

For example, Christians believe in the second coming of Christ, rapture that will usher born again Christians into the millennial reign with Christ. Totalitarianism movements share a similar idea, but instead of God that transforms the world, totalitarian movements are built on the belief that mankind can recreate the world and a new golden age can be constructed under the direction of the all-powerful and all-controlling State.

This belief that it is possible for a centralized, all-powerful State to radically change society for the better is why totalitarianism is not a government in any traditional sense, but a movement. This belief envisioned a world with racial purity, or a Communist utopia of equality, efficiency, and prosperity for all.

Today this totalitarian “golden age” is one in which mankind exists in its more extreme form, an age where man merges with machine and transcends biological limitations of disease and death. Needless to say, totalitarian utopias never come to fruition simply because the attempt to make heaven on earth invariably produces hell.

The Government & the religion of Totalitarianism

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