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Pro-vax Catholics funded by Google, Gates and Soros

A group of establishment Catholic media with a close relationship to Pope Franci launched a “fact checking” operation is now being funded by by Google, vaccine-peddler Bill Gates and left-wing agitator George Soros.

Headed up by Aleteia (a Catholic website owned by France’s fourth-largest publishing house, the Média-Participations group), the initiative labelled is said to be targeting those who expose adverse vaccine events and vaccine fatalities.

While the Média-Participations group boasts annual revenues of approximately 550 million euros, has bagged funding of an undisclosed sum from Google News Initiative’s COVID-19 Vaccine Counter-Misinformation Open Fund of $3 million.

According to its website, the Google project pays journalists to counter “misinformation” on the China-virus jabs” to reach audiences underserved by fact-checking or targeted by misinformation” in this case, Catholics with moral or safety concerns about the abortion-tainted shots.

Few days ago, Pope Francis suggested on Monday that getting vaccinated against the coronavirus was a “moral obligation” and denounced how people had been swayed by “baseless information”.

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