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UK Government to put on hold Covid vaccine mandate for NHS staff

Concerns from the Government dismissing over 70 000 National Health Services (NHS) employees has made the Government to rethink its plans for health service staff for compulsory vaccination.

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) is thoroughly looking into this policy of placing a temporary suspension.

This pause comes after the UK government issued a forced mandate stating that all staff in patient-facing roles were required to have two jabs from April 1 or face dismissal.

The Royal College of Nursing has warned that it will be an act of “self-sabotage” at a time when the NHS is suffering from staff shortfalls.

Analysis of NHS England figures shows 80,092 NHS workers have not had a single dose of the Covid vaccine, and a Government impact assessment has warned 73,000 patient-facing workers are unjabbed.

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