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Breaking News: First edition of 2022 Healing Streams live Healing services with Pastor Chris

The first-ever Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris Live marked a golden opportunity for billions all over the globe to connect to God’s grace, from March 18th – 20th 2022, it fulfilled that promise.

All over the world, people will gather in living rooms, churches, barbershops, and every kind of place you can imagine to hear the words that would catapult them to a new level. The excitement is fever-pitch as many prepare for this most extraordinary event.

Churches, organizations, and individuals in various parts of the world are in earnest prayers every minute, every hour, every day. Behind many smiling faces are people worried about an ailing relative somewhere.

This makes it paramount to tell everyone about the Healing Streams because, in the words of Pastor Deola Phillips (director of the Healing School), “Only those who hear about the program and act in faith by participating in the program will be healed.”

Register your loved ones who need healing. Register the janitor in your office who’s suffered from back pain all the while you’ve known him. Register everyone you know. They don’t need to go anywhere special to get healed.

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