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Covid 19 Debacle: “Experts” say ‘Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder’ could lead to rise in heart disease

One of Australia’s leading cardiology researchers says the complex effects of coronavirus lockdowns will likely lead to more deaths from cardiovascular disease.

Post-pandemic stress disorder you say? an entirely new medical condition that’s just come out of nowhere and serves as a convenient explanation in the rise of heart disease. This new condition might possibly be used to cover up why all of sudden a lot of vaccinated athletes are collapsing while on the field? yet again another lie! Post-pandemic stress disorder is not yet an officially recognised mental health condition.

Hare, the world’s only cardiologist who has also trained in psychiatry, has researched the link between depression and cardiac disease Australia’s leading cause of death for more than four decades. He said Covid-19 had broadly created heightened risk in three areas, systemic pressure on the healthcare system causing backlogs, patients delaying testing or treatment due to fear of catching the virus, and the wide-ranging “psychosocial” effects of the pandemic and lockdowns themselves. 

Last month, the UK’s Evening Standard newspaper quoted two London physicians who suggested “post-pandemic stress disorder” could result in a 4.5 per cent rise in cardiovascular cases in the UK, with those aged between 30 and 45 most at risk.

In an analysis presented during a meeting of the American Heart Association, Dr. Steven Gundry, a pioneer in infant heart transplant surgery, said mRNA COVID vaccines put many patients at higher risk of a new acute coronary syndrome, such as a heart attack. Watch this video that LN24 SA Correspondents recently interviewed individuals here in South Africa.

Covid 19 Debacle: “Experts” say ‘Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder’ could lead to rise in heart disease

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