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An artificial fish made of human heart cells built by scientists

Harvard University researchers, in collaboration with colleagues from Emory University, have developed the first fully autonomous biohybrid fish from human stem-cell derived cardiac muscle cells.

According to reports, Harvard University researchers developed a “biohybrid” fish by lining its tail fins with human heart muscles derived from stem cells.

In doing so, they found that the cells contracted and caused the tail to pull in that direction, producing a stretch on the other side of the fin that in turn caused a contraction, pulling the tail in the opposite direction.

The scientists claim that the robotic fish experiment marks a step forward for heart research as it provided a platform to study cardiovascular physiology and heart diseases such as arrhythmia.

Researchers say that they hope to one day leverage the results of the study to advance pacemaker technology or even build an artificial heart for transplant, but only after further research is carried out.

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