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Canada freedom violations: No reason for Justin Trudeau’s Emergency Act

An 11-member joint committee of the Canadian Parliament has officially launched an inquiry into the Trudeau government’s actions against the Freedom Convoy protesters.

In January and February, thousands of truck drivers descended on Ottawa the capital city of Canada, to protest the tyranny of Justin Trudeau’s government. Justin Trudeau did not like the truck drivers at all.

These truck drivers were among the many Canadians who saw exactly what was happening to their country and decided to stand up for what is right.

Just like what Pastor Chris Oyakhilome prophesied, those who perpetrated Covid19 atrocities will face legal challenges and will be taken to courts, using the Emergencies Act, Trudeau granted the federal government unprecedented powers such as the ability to freeze bank accounts without a court order, as well as the ability to deploy the national police force, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, to physically remove protesters.


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