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Ban lifted on ‘Abortion pill reversal’ doctor

One Christian doctor has dedicated his life in saving unborn babies whose mothers have gone for abortion pills but soon regretted the decision and need help for the reversal of the process, but abortion activists have sought to strip him off his medical practicing license.

Now why would anyone be angry if a pregnant woman changes her mind about going through abortion after taking the decision? The agenda has always been to attack the family structure, which is God given.

The UN has unequivocally been setting out anti-family policies and structures, and mounting pressure on governments to adopt them, such as abortion laws, the LGBTQ agenda’s.

For this Christian doctor it’s not a matter of opposing abortion in a judgmental way as people may have different complicated reasons for it- but as a Christian in the field that he works in he sees many opportunities of practicing his Christian values such one as saving lives.

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