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The deep state seeks to influence governments around the world through the W.H.O new treaty

In December of last year, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced plans for an “international treaty on pandemic prevention and preparedness.”

According to the Council of Europe’s website, an “intergovernmental negotiating body” has been formed, and majority know it for propagating the one world government.

Their meeting which took place in March, was said to aim to “deliver a progress report to the 76th World Health Assembly in 2023” and then have the proposed instrument ready for legal implementation by 2024.

A paper titled “Multilateralism in times of global pandemic: Lessons learned and the way forward” was published by the G20 in December 2020. It details all the problems faced by international multilateral organizations during the “pandemic.”

Individual states cannot effectively manage global public threats such as the COVID-19 pandemic on their own, overcoming the current health crisis and rebuilding livelihoods can only be achieved through multilateral action on both the economic and social fronts.

The COVID-19 plandemic and its economic consequences have revealed the weakness of the current arrangements for multilateral cooperation. International organizations with the mandate to play leading roles in dealing with international crises have not functioned effectively.


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