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Rhapsody online Partners and Prayer Conference begins today

The 1st ever Rhapsody Online Partners and Prayer Conference 2022 is here. It’s a 1st of its kind, a 2 in 1 Global Conference, the Rhapsody Online Partners and Prayer Conference will be happening live for 24 hours from today April 8th, 6PM GMT+1 to Saturday, April 9th 2022.

Pray, partner and penetrate with truth with the distribution of the print copies of Rhapsody of Realities as we reach out to the world in every nation, every city, every street and every house hold.

It’s a global reach using the Messenger Angel. You can register now on prayer.rhapsodyofrealities.org or www.reachoutworld.org or rhapsodyofrealities.org and all Rhapsody Networks to watch live and participate.

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