South Africa: Operation Dudula in Durban to target businesses that hire foreigners

Operation Dudula is a small group of South Africans in South Africa founded by 36 year old Nhlanhla ‘Lux’ Dlamini, who are part of the ‘Put South Africans First’ movement. They move around low-developed communities also known as townships in the country forcibly closing down tuck-shops and raiding properties owned by foreigners.

On Sunday, about 200 members of this group went about marching in Durban, holding up placards that support their movements and chants, with the goal to have non documented foreign nationals lose employment or businesses.

Zandile Dabula, the group’s secretary told reporters that, “So the issues are that people are coming into the country and they are not documented and the government is doing nothing about it, and it’s difficult to find them when they commit crime. We just need our departments to actually enforce the laws that are there, because these laws are not enforced.”

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