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Boris Johnson: Covid-19 could be detected in the water supply

In May 2020 when the Covid19 agenda began, Boris Johnson forgot to stick to the script by revealing something about covid 19. During a statement on the government’s Covid-19 strategy, Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke about an alert system that would allow for the detection and management of “flare ups” in local cases.

As part of this he said Covid-19 could be detected in the water supply. A spokesperson later tried to cover up the slip up by saying that Boris Johnson misspoke: he meant to say wastewater, not water supply. In another incident in that year, news reported on Boris Johnson saying that coronavirus would not stop him greeting people with a handshake, adding that he had shaken the hands of everyone at a hospital where infected patients were being treated.

Added to that, a research conducted by Water Research and funded by the CDC and published in April 2009 made these following conclusions.  1. The studied coronaviruses TGEV and MHV survived and remained infectious for long periods in different water types, including reagent-grade water, surface water, and pasteurized settled sewage. 2. The persistence of coronaviruses in water observed in this study suggests that if SARS-CoV should re-emerge in human populations, water contaminated with these viruses may continue to pose an exposure risk even after infected individuals are no longer present.

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