Author & China expert: The lockdowns in Shanghai have nothing to do with COVID

Horrifying videos have emerged showing Shanghai residents in China, screaming from their windows over strict COVID lockdown measures that prevent them from leaving their homes, even for food.

China’s Zero-COVID strategy has irked the Shanghai residents as China’s largest city has been under a draconian lockdown since April 5. China has seen its 25 million inhabitants locked down in phases. News reports suggest that the residents complain of clashes with health workers.

But officials are not budging on their zero-tolerance approach. City health official Wu Qianyu said during a press conference the city “would not relax in the slightest”. Earlier this month, Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam said that Hong Kong’s leadership election will go ahead on May 8 as planned.

A 1,500-member election committee stacked with Beijing loyalists will choose the chief executive, with all candidates having to secure sufficient backing from these members in the nomination period running through April 16.

In a video interview, author and China expert Steven Mosher discussed the horrific scenes of COVID tyranny in Shanghai, as well as the real reason why China may be locking down one of its major cities yet again.

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