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New York based doctor speaks out against ventilator use

A U.S based medicine physician Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell sparked controversy early this April, when he took to a public platform saying that ventilators may be harming COVID-19 patients more than they’re helping.

Dr. Kyle is not alone in this observation- some of his colleagues have stood with him and have actually started moving away from the use and the recommendation of ventilators.

But just like we saw doing at the beginning of the plandemic when the likes of Dr. Stellar spoke out about the W.H.O shunned hydroxyl-chloroquine some of their peers in medicine have decided to ignore the truth and keep taking in the money that comes with the Covid rollout policy. But surprisingly a well-known U.S news publisher wrote his article.

What’s clear, though, is COVID-19 patients on ventilators aren’t doing as well as doctors would hope and health care experts are scrambling to fix it. Furthermore the study shows under the best of circumstances, up to half of patients, sick enough to require a ventilation, won’t make it alive.

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