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The world misled via the media about ventilators

Media creates hype over ventilators to spread propaganda 

A study shows a skyrocketing number of Covid-19 ventilator deaths, in the UK the numbers are even worse. A data out of China and New York City suggest upward of 80% Covid-19 patients on ventilators do not recover. A U.K. report put the number only slightly lower, at 66%.

The plandemic lunatics have dressed the ventilators killer machines in rosy and purple colors to African leaders, same tactic they used on the killer vaccine. This is the trick, they crease a false need for something, creating a hype for it, using cunning language on African leaders, saying Africa should not be left behind, they need foreign aid so they too can save their people knowing very well that, they are ushering them to death but it is not only African leaders who have been deceived so is the rest of the world.

Another well-known U.S based news publisher wrote in the following “South Sudan, a nation of 11 million, has more vice presidents (five) than ventilators (which are only four). The Central African Republic has three ventilators for its five million people. In Liberia, which is similar in size, there are six working machines and one of them sits behind the gates of the United States Embassy. In all, fewer than 2,000 working ventilators have to serve hundreds of millions of people in public hospitals across 41 African countries, the World Health Organization says, compared with more than 170,000 in the United States. Ten countries in Africa have none at all. Glaring disparities like these are just part of the reason people across Africa are strengthening themselves for the coronavirus, fearful of outbreaks that could be catastrophic in countries with struggling health systems.”  

In 2020 the World Health Organization said it was taking stock of how many intensive care unit facilities and ventilators each African country had to respond to the coronavirus, so everything is planned and is highly monitored and controlled because it was all planned the first place.

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