Communism: A look at the World Economic Forum’s circular economy

Billionaires like Carlos Slim, George Soros and Bill Gates (plus Blackrock and Vanguard) have all invested heavily in Waste Management companies to fundamentally transform waste and recycling into the “circular economy” championed by the World Economic Forum. This presages a system like China’s, where throwing away excessive food waste will penalize your social credit score.

In the circular economy, waste is eliminated, products and materials are kept in use throughout their product lifecycle and natural systems are regenerated.

That means changing what we produce and how we produce it, both in terms of inputs and when it comes to the end of its first useful life. It can mean adopting modular design, designing for renewable materials, designing for easy repair and disassembly, and designing new products with backwards compatibility in mind, so that parts can have multiple applications and be used longer.

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