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CDC tracked millions of Americans during lockdowns to monitor movement & compliance

Millions of Americans were secretly watched by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to track if they were complying to lockdown curfews during the plandemic. The CDC used cell phone location data to do this.

The program tracked patterns of people visiting schools from kindergarten to 12th grade according to the CDC documents from 2021. The documents reveal that while the CDC used the plandemic to justify purchasing the data more quickly, it actually intended to use it for general agency purposes.

The documents reveal the expansive plan the CDC had last year to use location data from a highly controversial data broker. SafeGraph, the company the CDC paid $420,000 for access to one year of data to, includes Peter Thiel and the former head of Saudi intelligence among its investors. Google banned the company from the Play Store in June.

The data which was purchased comes from cell phones – meaning SafeGraph can track where a person lives, works, and where they’ve been, and then sell that data to various entities. The data which the CDC bought was aggregated – which is designed to follow broad trends in how people are moving around, however researchers have raised concerns over how location data can be de-anonymized to track specific individuals.

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