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109 mysterious hepatitis cases in children, including 5 deaths to be investigated by the CDC

Investigation for more than a 100 cases of “mysterious” form of hepatitis in children has been opened by the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). As a result of this, so far five children have died.

Dr. Jay Butler, the CDC’s deputy director of infectious diseases, said during a briefing said the agency is investigating 109 cases of acute hepatitis, or liver inflammation, in 24 U.S. states and Puerto Rico. The cause of the outbreak is not yet clear, he stressed, adding that about half of the children had adenovirus infections.

The CDC’s deputy director added that approximately 90 percent of the children required hospitalization, Butler said. Five have died so far, and more have required liver transplants. Last month, the CDC issued a nationwide alert after nine acute hepatitis cases were discovered among children in Georgia. Since then, a number of state agencies have reported cases and several deaths.

Several days ago, the CDC issued a report saying that it found no evidence that COVID-19 vaccines caused the outbreak of hepatitis among children. None of the initial children in Alabama, the agency said, received the vaccine. Meanwhile, other countries have reported similar outbreaks of hepatitis among children.

On Friday, the UK Health Security Agency reported that the country’s case count had risen to 163, dating back to early January, adding that 11 children have received liver transplants so far. UK officials also ruled out the COVID-19 vaccine as a potential cause.

Meanwhile, earlier last week, the World Health Organization told news outlets that there were at least 228 probable cases of hepatitis worldwide in at least 20 countries. That statement came before the CDC’s latest announcement Friday. So why do some governments force people to take the so called Covid vaccine remains a mystery.

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