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Somalia’s ex-President re-elected as incumbent

Somalia has elected their former president, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud as their new president on Sunday, going back to the helm for a second stint five years after he was voted out.

Mohamud defeated the incumbent, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, in a runoff after three rounds of voting in an election that has been delayed for over a year. The newly elected president saw off his rival by securing 214 votes in the runoff while Mohamed could only muster 110 ballots in his favor.

The members of parliament and senators who chose Mohamud were elected by delegates chosen by clan leaders. It had been hoped that the president would be elected by the people of Somalia under universal suffrage, but this plan was eventually abandoned by the country’s political elite.

Mohamed and Mohamud sat side-by-side Sunday, watching calmly as the ballots were counted. Mohamed conceded defeat, and Mohamud was immediately sworn in.

Somalia’s ex-President re-elected as incumbent

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