$40 Billion package of U.S aid approved by congress

The $40 billion package of new aid for Ukraine, approved by Congress 2 weeks ago and signed by President Biden last Saturday, brings the total that the United States has pledged toward countering Russia’s invasion to roughly $54 billion, when combined with a smaller package passed in March.

The money in the newly enacted package is nearly evenly divided between military and humanitarian aid. It includes $8.8 billion for a fund to shore up the economies of Ukraine and other countries affected by the war.

Those funds can be used to provide direct support to Ukraine’s government, though they are subject to some safeguards and oversight. The bill also includes about $4.3 billion to provide urgent support, health services and food assistance to Ukrainian refugees.

Additionally, it provides about $6 billion for support, weapons and training for Ukraine’s military and national security forces.

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