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The deep state agenda against children: first transgender Barbie

Born male, transgender actor and activist Laverne Cox has been “recognized” with his own Barbie doll. Laverne started to transition medically when he was in college after years of “identifying” as female.

The media is one of the biggest tools the deep state through the devil uses to gradually normalize things into society making it “acceptable” for the enemy’s purpose. Cox said, “I hope that kids of all gender identities can look at this Barbie and dream.”

Men under the influence of the devil, have for centuries tried to play God and oppose everything that is in his word. From accepting homosexuality to now tweaking with God’s very own creation to make “whatever gender.”

The deep state diving into every sector, gender and age to push a certain agenda is now targeting children by making “transgender dolls”, having the same sex kiss in cartoons and so much more. This is to gradually cultivate a certain mindset that normalizes all these acts.

However, Christians all around the world daily interceding for the nations of the world through prayers and prophecies, charting the course of the universe, the deep state has no chance!

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