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AfDB president: Africa must end food, pharmaceutical import dependence

Akinwumi Adesina, the president of African Development Bank (AfDB) said, Africa needs to un-accustom itself from depending on food and medicine imports.

The organisation officially accepted the start up of a pharmaceutical tech foundation and started processing requests for food relief,

The bank last month approved a $1.5 billion financing facility for emergency food production, with the aim of averting a looming food crisis. The funds are meant to help 20 million farmers produce 38 million tonnes of food.

“Africa should not allow itself to be vulnerable in excessively depending on others, whether it is for vaccines or whether it is for food,” said AfDB President.

Adesina continued to say “The fact is that when you are dependent on others, you are also very highly vulnerable to any shock of any kind” at the Commonwealth leaders meeting in Kigali.

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