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Monkeypox narrative built on unsubstantiated “science”

Since the Covid19 plan has crumbled, the global elites have been hard at work trying to push another scare-tactic narrative to get compliance from citizens.

They are saying monkeys are the originators of the current outbreak of a virus that has the hallmarks of monkeypox. First it was the bats, now it’s the monkeys.

True as it may be that the virus came from the monkeys,  Covid19 taught us that whenever someone unscrupulous makes a calculated mess to release a virus from the lab, wild animals are easier to attribute it to because they can’t defend themselves.

The origins of Covid19 has not been fully investigated, and political leaders and so called experts are already working very hard to make monkeypox the next pandemic. But it is just not taking off. The world population checks in at just a little under 7.9 billion people. Of that number, as of May Europe had identified 100 cases of monkeypox, and the United States as to this broadcast has identified over 100 cases – out of a population of roughly 330 Million people. South Africa has one confirmed case.

The South African Health Minister talks about one case having been confirmed in the country and he mentions contact tracing having started already. In March, a health amendment bill was introduced in South Africa which was observed that the government will have too much power to determine who is dangerous to a community on the basis of a certain set of diseases. Here it goes again. Contact tracing is not gone, it is here to stay and it is now being normalised for the sake of the “greater good”.

When Rev Dr. Chris Oyakhilome said the world should be on the lookout for some of these laws they want to introduce, they have no intention of repealing them. Some said he was an alarmist. It turns out contact tracing is here to stay even though other regulations are being scrapped. It turns out Pastor Christ was not an alarmist. He was right. This is about greater control.

The U.S government is already pushing the idea of vaccines and preparation to deal with a possible “pandemic.” Joe Biden is already hard at work ratcheting up the fear. But this time around it’s not working and truth is there is not much unknown about it. It has been around for a while. It’s a double-stranded DNA virus, which means it has fewer mutations.

Double-strands slow mutations, which means that immunity, once acquired, is good for a long time. Those who have been vaccinated against, or had, any of the other poxes are almost certainly resistant to monkeypox. It’s also not a very infectious disease for humans, although it has a zoonotic element. Billiions around the world probably didn’t even notice a monkeypox outbreak in the U.S. in 2003. It was no big deal, probably because the establishment hadn’t yet discovered the political benefits of virus fear mongering.

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