If the metaverse is left unregulated, companies will track your gaze and emotions

The world’s leading neurologists assembled in Seattle earlier this month for a Symposium on Eye Tracking Research and Applications. Sponsors of the event included Google and Reality Labs, a division of Meta Platforms, Inc., the company formerly known as Facebook.

The companies that once harnessed psychological research to design products that would hold the user’s attention are now probing how to build a new business, the metaverse around neurological science. The 3-D metaverse utilizes optical equipment to connect the user to algorithms that put them “inside” a pseudo-world.

Facebook is so convinced it is the future that it changed its name to Meta Systems, Inc., and last year invested $10 billion in developing metaverse products and services. Another way to think the metaverse is as an entire world of surveillance.

+Meta has already patented technology to build eye tracking and facial expression tracking into the optical equipment worn to access the metaverse. These and other tracking capabilities mean that hooking oneself up to a metaverse device could be more revealing than hooking up to a lie detector.

In short, the biometric data collected from metaverse users will make the privacy issues around in the current online environment seem like child’s play.

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