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Monkeypox hysteria possibly a cover up for Covid vaccine after effects

The media’s new obsession over monkeypox could be a planned diversion away from the many adverse effects that are now appearing in people who took Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines.”

Suddenly the monkey disease is said to be spreading among the LGBTQ community, and the same type of fear mongering that appeared at the start of the Fauci Flu plandemic is once again being deployed by the government and the media.

Even though this is hardly the first time that monkeypox has jumped ship from animals to humans, it is all of a sudden a major deal, people are told. Could it be that this is all a cover up or distraction to keep people fixated on the next scare rather than all the health damage being caused by Operation Warp Speed injections? It turns out that monkeypox is really not that big of a deal.

Medical Doctors have warned that the longer time goes on, the more we are going to witness vaccine-induced AIDS (VAIDS) manifest in the so-called “fully vaccinated.”

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