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The 5 ‘millions’ of ReachOut World Rabah with Rhapsody of Realities

The 5 ‘millions’ of ReachOut World Rabah with Rhapsody of Realities are multiplying Millions to Billions across all frontiers; at zonal level, group and church level, cell level and as individuals.

1. Sponsoring 1 Million Copies of Rhapsody of Realities from at least every group, raising champions from every group, church, cells and individuals then the following will be done by zones: 2. Enlisting 1 million subscribers 3. Organizing 1 Million Outreaches, and let it end in the enlistment of more subscribers.

4. Adopting 1 Million streets, schools, classrooms, and enlisting distribution centers.5. Pioneering 1 Million active cells, outreaches & Churches at group and Church level: All group churches and churches should go for at least 1 million copies sponsorship. Take action now,

Adopt streets, read, enlist and multiply with the sponsorship, partnership, distribution, and readership of Rhapsody of realities.

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