Documents reveal Dutch Government is working with World Economic Forum to implement ‘The Great Reset’

Documents released in response to an FOI request submitted by a member of the Dutch House of Representatives show that the Dutch Government is colluding with the World Economic Forum (WEF) to implement The Great Reset.

The Dutch government wrote a letter to WEF “on behalf of the Dutch Ministers of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy and Agriculture, Nature and Food quality together with the Regional Food Agency Oost NL” prior to the official signing of the letter of intent.

Amongst other things, the letter of intent states that the Dutch innovation and agricultural policy are very much in line with the topics that are considered crucial by WEF for Food System Transformation, missions have been defined in line with the SDG addressing topics like of sustainability circular agriculture, safe, healthy and affordable food for all climate neutrality as well as consumer behaviour.

There is special attention to development and implementation of key enabling technologies e.g., Digitalisation, Artificial intelligence, Internet of things, biotechnology and micro and nanotechnology in the Agri-Food sector.”

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