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WHO recommends masks again, preps world for global lockdown in the next coming season

The W.H.O continues to kick a dead horse-The WHO’s Tedros Adhanom says the organisation is preparing the world for the next season of lockdowns, refusing to admit the emergency is over and recommending governments reimplement mask mandates.

Adhanom said the Committee is concerned about sub-variants of Omicron that most people have never even heard of because they’ve tuned out COVID news since the end of the lockdowns.

He added that there’d been a rise in cases while simultaneously claiming there’s not enough testing or surveillance to determine the severity of COVID. This is an acknowledgement on their part that they have failed despite all the money they have spent on the media for a ‘Covid face-lifting’

He then bemoaned the drop in vaccine uptake, saying not nearly enough people are lining up to get their second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth… booster shots. And Dr Fauci has already come out to support the narrative.

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