Appaling: Software developed to detect ‘non-vaccinated’ individuals

The Italian Association of General Practitioners Fimmg and the organization Citta have developed software that they claim could be used to identify two million “unvaccinated” patients in Italy whom they say could pose a risk.

For this misleading reason, the two organizations have asked for a meeting with Minister of Health Roberto Speranza and General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo to fully explain the potential of such technology for the health of citizens when placed in the hands of general medicine.

According to news reports, 520 000 people over 80 and 1,5 million citizens aged 70-79 have not yet received their first dose, mainly for obvious reasons and that being, the jab has severe side effects which do result to death even.

The news agency reported that NetMedica Italia, Fimmg’s IT company, in collaboration with the Computer Engineering department of the Polytechnic University of Marche, have developed an algorithm based on artificial intelligence solutions.

These companies claim that the resource is integrated with other useful tools for the full management of the patient’s active recruitment path and the entire vaccination process and is already being used by many doctors across the country.

It’s utterly surreal but the Italian report gives no mention as to HOW exactly the technology detects who has and hasn’t received a vaccine, what might be in those vaccines which allows such technology to work. It’s all being done in the name of ‘not leaving people behind’. It’s a group of GPs who are behind this software.

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