Shocking microscopy of blood clots extracted from the vaxxed who suddenly died

Embalmers, which are responsible for preserving human remains by treating them with chemicals to forestall decomposition have found veins & arteries filled with never before seen Rubbery Clots. 

Certified embalmer, mortician and funeral director Richard Hirschman has discovered arteries and veins with unnatural blood clots made of strange “engineered biostructures.” Reports show a case, where mortician shows fibrous blockages that were growing in people who were previously vaxxed and are now dead.

Cary Watkins, who has been embalming people for over 50 years personally saw the blood clots and admits that he has never seen clots like that in his entire career. The CDC is not investigating this at all. The mainstream media isn’t either. Please note that the following graphics is not for sensitive viewers.

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