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The Leftists openly admitting to sabotaging the energy grid

Deceit: SA is getting R131BN from rich nations to ditch coal 

The globalist are now fooling countries into the horrendous climate change agenda. Take a country like South Africa where Eskom operates 15 coal-fired power stations that generate more than 80% of the country’s electricity.

With frequent power cuts, just imagine how things will be when the deal from EU to ditch coal is finally executed.  EU imported 40% more coal from SA in the first 5 months of 2022 than over the whole of 2021. Yet the same EU & US offered the Cyril Ramaphosa administration billions to ditch coal for renewal energy.

Its streets are in almost constant gridlock because traffic lights are out. Restaurants and house wives complain of food spoiling because refrigerators aren’t working. Reports say that Damage to the electrical system has cost the country more than millions, including repairs and lost electrical output.

The leftists have no shame in openly admitting to sabotaging the energy grid.

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