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U.S trans agenda: Democrats’ transgender ‘Bill of Rights’ would erase women

80 House Democrats recently introduced a resolution they call the Trans Bill of Rights which will effectively remove protections and programs for women. The authors claim it will ensure that transgender and nonbinary people are, as a lead sponsor Rep. Marie Newman put it, “free to live as their authentic self.”

In practice, the Trans Bill of Rights guts protections and programs for women. Every American must now decide: do I support this nonsensical vision of trans rights, or do I stand for women’s rights? The press
materials promoting the Trans Bill of Rights focus on the idea of inclusivity, personal fulfillment, and preventing the bullying and mistreatment of LGBTQ+ and gender-nonconforming communities, all of which sounds very nice to a unsuspecting ear.

Of course, Americans oppose bullying and want everyone treated with kindness and respect. But the
Trans Bill of Rights is not just a feel-good statement of support or warning against bullying. It has serious legal implications, particularly for women.

The Trans Bill of Rights would redefine the term “sex”; under the Civil Rights Act to include “gender identity and sex characteristics” and prohibit public accommodations and federally funded programs from offering spaces and programs exclusively for women.

In other words, it would become illegal to take into account sex or “sex characteristics” and single-sex facilities would cease to exist. If a female athletic team cannot discriminate against males, then men will dominate competitions meant for women. If women’s locker rooms, rape crisis centers, and domestic violence shelters are required to take in men, women’s privacy
and security will be compromised.

If men are allowed to opt in to women’s prisons, then female prisoners will face physical harm. That’s already happening today. Female athletes around the country are being forced to compete against physically-advantaged biological males.

One cannot be for both women’s rights and this vision of trans agenda. One cannot stand up for women without knowing what the term woman means like the woke Democrats say. Americans know what a woman is, what a female is, and what a mother is.

After all, their country was founded on Christian values where God is very clear on this distinction. American laws should be clear about this distinction too.

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