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Former Bolivian president calls for Global campaign to eliminate NATO

Evo Morales, the former president of Bolivia in South America, called for a global campaign to eliminate the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). He explained that the American military industrial complex is using NATO to provoke wars and sell weapons to other countries.

Morales commented that in light of the Russia-Ukraine war that an international campaign is necessary to explain that NATO is, ultimately, the United States. He added that NATO is not a guarantee for humanity or for life.

The former Bolivian leader condemned the fact that Russia was barred from the United Nations Human Rights Council, even though it did not stick its nose in other countries’ affairs. Morales ultimately remarked that between Russia and Ukraine, they want to reach an agreement but the U.S keeps provoking war.

According to Morales, the U.S. itself had been actively undermining his leadership. One of the U.S. diplomatic cables published by Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks revealed an extensive campaign by the U.S. Embassy in Bolivia to remove the former president.

Washington was provoked by the fact that Morales closed down an American military base in the country and expelled agents of CIA and the DEA.

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