Shocking: B.C. little league cancels God from historic player pledge

B.C. little league, a baseball and softball program for youth has removed the name ‘God’ from their player pledge and swapped it with ‘myself’ instead.

The historic pledge to help aid with boosting good sportsmanship and teaching life lessons to kids through baseball and softball has been recited during seasons by eager players for nearly 70 years.

Little League’s first President, Peter McGovern, wrote the international pledge of Allegiance in 1954 which according to “has remained unchanged since it was first published.” That however, no longer holds true for Whalley little league based in Surrey, British Columbia.

The players in this league are now being told to recite an altered version of the pledge which replaces the first and foremost sentence of the declaration, “I trust in God” with “I trust in myself” instead.

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