Lawyers could have electronic chips implanted in their brains

Lawyers could have electronic chips implanted in their BRAINS to enable them to scan through documents in a fraction of the time.

The report from the Law Society sets out the way the profession could change for employees and clients as a result of advances in neuro-technology. It suggests that a lawyer with the chip implanted in his or her brain could potentially scan documentation in a fraction of the time, reducing the need for large teams of legal researchers.

According to the new report, neuro-technology could also allow firms to charge clients for legal services based on ‘billable units of attention’ rather than billable hours, as they would be able to monitor their employees’ concentration. However, the report raises concerns that the data collected could put people at risk of surveillance or manipulation, and suggests that regulation of ‘neuro-rights’ should be considered.

However the news have been met with criticism from some of the lawyers saying, good advocacy can’t be programmed by chip. They further argued that, pleading in court involves a lot more than memory. Merely producing case after case alone is sure to enrage all but the most patient judge and result in failure. There are so many questions people have concerning the dangers that will come with this such as hacking, the WEF has already been talking about cyborgs- this is exactly why they are pushing in very strategic institutions of society.

It will soon spread to every societal institution simply because it is backed by the likes of the WEF, W.H.O and the UN. Over a decade ago, hundreds of people from the Palm Springs in the United States reported that they were hearing voices in their heads, and those voices are being transmitted by microwave or other methods…something that was termed “electronic harassment.”

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