The World Economic Forum did a livestream for digital ID for the internet

The World Economic Forum recently did a livestream. The Cloudflare COO hints to digital identity/citizenship for internet users. The livestream by Cloudflare also focused cyber security and discussed an upcoming cyber pandemic agenda.

It seems they will later launch a massive false flag cyber-attack to try and bring forth more tyranny and digital citizenship. They will tell the public everyone needs a digital identity to keep the internet safe. They will say it is to prevent terrorism.

They will try to use fear as a way to gain more control. The WEF founder Klaus Schwab has been talking about the cyber security pandemic and how no nation wants to be left behind, and of cause they will invest in Africa in order to make sure the African continent is not left behind, whatever that means.

The cost of cybercrime to the global economy could go up to $500 billion annually, according to reports.

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