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Covid-19 debacle: Australian doctor finds miscarriage rate in vaccinated mothers is 74%

In Australia, a specialist Doctor’s statistics have found miscarriage rate in vaccinated mothers is up to 74% resulting in him losing his job. 74% is a huge jump because the normal rate of miscarriages on average varies between 5% to 16%. This jump implies an increase of between 362% to 1,380%.

74% of women that are jabbed are losing their unborn babies due to miscarriages. As expected, Brisbane officials are denying Dr. McLindon’s findings. According to a spokeswoman for Mater Health, which runs the hospital where Dr,. McLindon worked, the obstetrician and gynaecologist no longer practise at Mater and has not done so since November last year.

When did Australia begin its vaccine roll out? It was sometime in February of last year and Dr. McLindon was practising with the hospital.

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