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James Webb telescope not showing evidence of Big Bang

The brand-new James Webb Space Telescope is displaying jaw-dropping images of a vast universe but is not returning evidence for the Big Bang Theory, says Ken Hamsays Christian a apologist.

The $10 billion instrument is the most powerful telescope ever built and can see faint objects that its predecessor, the Hubble Space Telescope could not record. Before the new telescope launched into space, many astronomers theorized that it would allow scientists to peek back in time to the early universe.

But Ham, the CEO and founder of Answers in Genesis, says in a new blog that images from the James Webb “haven’t helped those who cling to the big bang.” The theory posits that the universe originated billions of years ago in a single explosion from a single point and has been expanding ever since.

“The data doesn’t match what’s predicted if the big bang happened,” Ham wrote. He cites a blog post by physicist Eric J. Lerner, an author who holds a secular worldview but who has been highly critical of the Big Bang Theory.

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