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Update: Church of England blacklists its Clergyman for teaching biblical sexuality

In 2018, Reverend Bernard Randall, a minister in the Church of England as suspended, sacked, and even reported to the police after a sermon he gave at a school chapel. Reverend Bernard Randall is now taking the College which fired him to an employment tribunal over alleged religious discrimination.

The following week after his sermon, he was pulled into a meeting with the Deputy Head and was told that his beliefs were not relevant and did not matter, and that the sermon had hurt some people’s feelings and undermined the School’s LGBT agenda. Not only that, the school went so far as to report him to Prevent, the government’s counter-terrorism watchdog.

For many years Bernard Randall has worked in education motivated by his love for God and others. When someone like him is pursued and punished it’s an attack on religious freedoms in England.

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