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USA: Cancel culture weponised to force acceptance of trans ideology

Cancel culture is under heavy use in the United States against whoever the so-called progressives disagree with. An American musician has been dropped by his longtime PR firm after his wife criticised early interventions on gender transitioning for young children.

The wife had said that she was thankful that her parents did not intervene during her “tomboy phase” because she loves being a female. Various people denounced her and a PR firm then dropped her husband’s contract. What is interesting is that the company had its client list displayed but just removed the list and its home page.

The effort may be to protect other musicians under their stable from the backlash of staying with the company when it is effectively blacklisting an artist for the political or social views of his spouse.

The free speech implications of what has become a type of blacklisting culture – otherwise better known as cancel culture – for those with unpopular or controversial political, social, or religious views. In this case, a singer is being blacklisted because his wife holds conservative views on gender transitioning for young children.

Those who push the trans agenda have now embraced the practice in a far more extensive system of banning books, speakers, and events by those who hold opposing views.

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