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Shocking! Clots found by embalmers in 50-70% of dead bodies

This is a vaccine Holocaust!

According to conservative estimates based on industry numbers, at least 600,000 people in a given country like America, have already died from covid-19 vaccines. A recent report documents the existence of fibrous clots that are being pulled from the bodies of dead people who took covid-19 vaccines.

A series of interviews by LN24 SA jounalist Yvonne Katsande with experts about these clots, including Dr. Hassan and others, and the best conclusion from the data so far is that these clots are aggregate proteins being constructed by the body in response to mRNA instructions.

These are not “blood” clots, they are fibrous, protein clumps that are self-assembling (growing) inside blood vessels and arteries. As they grow larger, they block blood flow, leading to stroke, heart attacks, embolisms, etc. Many of these end in death.

Because these clots or bio-structures are getting larger inside people’s bodies, they are like ticking time bombs of inevitable death. With each passing month, those who took multiple vaccine jabs are inching closer to instant death due to the clots.

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