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Smart Meters: The Household device that spies on you 24/7

Smart meters measure and record electricity usage at least every hour, if not more, and provide the data to the utility company and consumer at least once a day. The data from smart meters reveal far more than you might think and could even be used against you to control your individual energy use or, one day, to help ensure “net zero” compliance.

Bill Gates is pushing for drastic, fundamental changes by 2030, including widespread consumption of fake meat, adoption of next-generation nuclear energy and growing a fungus as a new type of nutritional protein. The deadline Gates has given to reach net zero emissions in 2050, and smart meters are already being positioned as an essential part of this plan.

According to Shell Energy: “Indeed, the government considers smart meters key to the UK cutting its emissions and reaching net-zero by 2050. But according to many experts, new conditionality are being created through net zero “nature-based” solutions in order to force the world to accept a new food and agricultural system, along with a new wave of colonization in the name of sustainability.

Smart meters- Smart meters also have the additional challenge of emitting dirty electricity which consists of transient voltage spikes as a result of switching mode power supplies.

Adverse health effects linked to these include:

  • Excess oxidative stress
  • Opening your blood-brain barrier, allowing toxins to enter your brain
  • DNA damage and altered microbiome
  • Impaired proton flow and ATP production
  • Altered cellular function due to excessive charge

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